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2020 Sewing Log


1 January 2020

Today I went snap hunting.


3 January 2020

Took a walk yesterday morning. Today I resumed work on the wallet.


4 January 2020

This morning I sewed all the red tapes to the shingled pockets, then picked the stitching out again because the machine hadn't been adjusted properly.

Well, I only picked out the stitching of the pocket that I hadn't picked the basting out of yet.

When your scrap for under the needle goes thunk! when you drop it 
                     into the drawer, it's time to start a new one.

The scrap I keep under the needle of the White had gotten too thick for sewing broadcloth, so I found a scrap of yellow linen in the drawer and swapped.  

6 January 2020

Washed clothes, helped fetch the Tacoma from the Toyota dealer, did a little basting.


7 January 2020

I finished basting the fourth pocket, folded the clothes that were on the rack where I wanted to put my chair, and adjusted the sewing machine. After fiddling a while, I noticed a shiny spot in the tension device -- Duh!  The thread is supposed to run over that.

Then several passes over the needle scrap getting the tension right.

I scrutinized each pocket on both sides when it came out from under the needle!

I rather reluctantly took out the basting; those gold flecks looked quite pretty with the red and black.

More than a year after the operation, I have realized that I no longer need to keep my prescription glasses on when I put my magnifying glasses on.

Not when working next to a table or chair with hand-sewing tools on it anyway. I expect to continue keeping my glasses on when reading ingredient lists in grocery stores.


8 January 2020

Sweeping day in the sewing room. DH reminded me that I could use the indoor leaf blower to get spots that are out of reach. Now there's a tag that says "woven jersey" dangling in a partly dislodged spiderweb. I'm going to leave it until I bring the ladder in to replace the small patch from the cycling-knickers pattern, and the other two yellow tags that I have temporarily stashed on top of my cannister of flash drives.

Basted ribbons to my wallet in the morning; plan to do more hand sewing in the afternoon.


10 January 2020

I forgot to plug the light in after unplugging my iron while working on my wallet and couldn't find the outlet when I came back to the sewing room after dark. I can usually feel the round hole and anchor the ground connector, after which simply rocking the plug connects the live wires, but today the outlet wasn't having any. DH came in with a flashlight just before I thought of using the optical mouse as a flashlight.


13 January 2020

There doesn't appear to be a thimble in the drawer of the White. Now I have an excuse to buy a new one if I see one that I like.

Never mind that I found one that fits me nicely in the thimble box in the embroidery-gig backpack, and it seems unlikely that I'll ever get to do the gig again, what with the church dying.


15 January 2020

The thimble sticks firmly to the magnetic pin cushion, and I think I'll just leave it there.

I like the way it fits; it's small and light and covers only where I need it. And just my size; it's barely tight enough to stay on and not rattle around.

And the magnet is strong enough to jerk it off my finger when I want to put it down.

No brand name on it, just "8 China".

I must check to see whether the light bulbs in here really are incandescent. Though the light seems quite bright, the eye of the needle doesn't quite focus. That sort of thing can happen when there are holes in the spectrum.


16 January 2020

Things usually turn up the instant you no longer want them, but this morning I decided that I was going to have to look for my spool of yellow basting thread. It was in the second place I looked: I had dropped it into the drawer where I keep my magnetic pincushion. Which is, at the moment, on the ironing board, where I basted my wallet yesterday.


18 January 2020

I wanted to compare my Caradice wallet to the current interation. Months ago I'd dumped a blanket on the pattern trunk intending to resume hemming it in a few hours, and there it still sat. I carried it to the rocking chair; it will be my next project.

And there is good light coming in the living-room patio door, but I have yet again to do some unpicking on the wallet, so the light may not be good when I get the time to resume basting.

Today's light is gone, but the light probably will be good when I get time to sew -- not before tomorrow afternoon.

I noticed, upon seeing the Caradice wallet for the first time in years, that my plans for the coin purse have evolved into a miniature of it.

The wallet is done, dunnity done done done!


Monday, 20 January 2020

So that's why there's an appointment card in the snack bag of essential tools I keep in the arm of the futon!

I needed to slip something inside the pocket I'm darning to keep the stitches in the top layer only, and there it was.

Details when I have a wool underjersey to wear tomorrow.

Jersey hung in closet.

I suspect that the appointment card had silk thread wound around it when I put it into the snack bag. The kit wasn't assembled on purpose, but developed from my habit of collecting the tools currently in use in a snack bag. Which is probably the best way to decide which tools to put in.

Now I've put the tools away, and had another look for the alpaca tights. In the blanket box, I found a machine-knit hat Dave would like to wear, he found a snag, I had yet another look for the roll of crochet hooks I used to keep in the wooden cigar box. (Looks again:  still nuttin' but tatting stuff.) I found an afghan hook in the knitting-supply box, too coarse, but there's a package of upholstery needles. Threaded snag into upholstery needle, pushed the eye between the layers of the hat, done! I'd forgotten to turn off the light by the rocking chair when I finished darning -- but I'd put my magnifiers away. I have a couple of pairs that are not in a snack bag in the other arm of the futon.

The tights have to be in the cedar chest, but I'm not going to move that printer any time soon. It's too late at night to darn them anyway.

I just realized where the picture I took of the wallet went: I'd clicked on "history" while uploading it from the camera, noted that it was the correct subfolder, but hadn't noted that it was on the back-up drive.

To the story:

It's going to be very cold tomorrow, so I decided to darn the small hole in my alpaca tights so I could wear them. They were not in either of the darning baskets, maybe on the to-do hook?

I found a wool jersey and reflected that I need that more than I need the tights. Inspection showed only two small holes where the back pockets were tearing away from the side seams -- and in the pocket of the jersey was a cough-drop box with a sticker that said "wool jersey". In the box were darning supplies, including a duplicate of the newly-found #8 "china" thimble that I like so much.

There was a "pill pouch" filled with skeins of Medici just long enough to thread into a needle. I emptied it, except for putting a threaded needle back in.

I noted, while baseball-stitching the first runner with Medici , that when I'd cut out the exhausted elastic I'd left a stub long enough to sew fresh elastic to next spring, when I'll want to wear the jersey without two other jerseys over it.

When I turned to the larger hole, I found that on this end the elastic was much too short to sew anything to, and I might not have wanted to darn around it anyhow.

I unpicked just enough side seam to release the elastic and sewed in a short piece of polyester twill tape.  That was a small adventure in itself, which led to transferring a bunch of Wright's tapes from the misc.-tape box to the synthetic-tape box.

There was some silk-tights silk on a buttonhole-silk spool in the "wool jersey" box, but I used a piece from an appointment card in a snack bag in the futon arm.

Then I re-sewed the seam with reclaimed silk, and buttonhole-stitched the hole and runner with Medici, which required me to push the needle through the fabric and continue on the other side at one point. This is where the appointment card came into play.


22 January 2020

Today I put priority on getting the blanket off the futon. After moving it out of my way a few times, I had to open it up completely to find where I'd left off.

So I basted the last four or five inches of the hem, then flipped the blanket and basted the other one too. On this end, the cut had been halfway between dotted lines, so I folded it to make the squares square, and that pretty much kept the fold halfway between the lines.

Next to set up the zig-zag machine. I have only one spool of black #50 silk left, and I don't think it will do even one hem. Do I finish with gray thread, finish with #100+ thread, or put the project on hold until I can order more thread?

Or do the whole job with gray and say "I meant to do that."?

I could use that blanket on the bed!


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