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2020 Sewing Log


Friday, 3 July 2020

Make cases for Dave's new pillows.

I pressed them Wednesday morning, got around to pinning and stitching the hems this morning.

After working for a while I realized that tearing off a yard and a half had been a mistake; I should have torn off three yards and made five cases, so there would be something for the pillows to wear on washday.

But it was a lucky mistake.  When I put the new cases on the pillows, the excessive length of the unshrunk cases reminded me of putting a case on the body pillow that we threw out a few weeks ago.

And I have two cases for that pillow!  They can easily be cut down to make cases for the king-size pillows, or just used as is.  I should have been using them all along, instead of the longest of my standard-size cases.

I picked the neck hem out of bra #1 in the hotel last night, after basting my taxicab niquab together.

Before nap time, I opened the White, which already was threaded with white 100/6, and sewed the three-inch topstitch needed on the mask I'm making out of one turned in for spare parts.

With the aid of the handle of a coffee spoon, I managed to thread 1/2" twill tape through the channels with a a fat tapestry needle.  I tied it on — not as tightly as if I meant to wear it; the spool of tape attached made tieing a bow knot a bit awkward, then stuck a pin 27" from the middle of the tape, as determined by folding it in half and measuring, after I managed to get it off without dislodging the pin.  I shall cut four inches beyond that to allow for shrinkage.  That will make half the tape 29".  The tapes on the first mask were cut 34" inches and shrank to 32"; the missing five inches is just enough to tie a bow knot.  But I think I'll cut six inches beyond the pin; I do plan to hem the ends, and a bit long is easier to live with than a bit short.

In the afternoon, I hemmed the ends of the tie.  The mask seems to work, and I think that it will be more convenient for carrying in my pocket.  Or I can wear it around my neck — with my two-tie mask, I always untie the wrong knot when I try to do that.

The tie is too long, but probably won't be after the mask is washed.

I have also picked the neck hem out of bra #3.  It was frayed in only one spot, but that spot constituted a tear-starting notch.  So now I have two bras to press, trim, and re-hem.  And none on the bra-hanger; #3 was Friday's, so I am wearing Sunday's.  But I can wear #5 if I don't finish by Sunday.


Sunday, 5 July 2020

Oops.  I never put elastic in #5 — when I finally found it, I just hung it up without considering the possiblity that it wasn't finished.

Luckily, the three red bras that I relegated to sleepwear instead of changing out the swimwear elastic are mostly in good condition, so I'm wearing one of those.

Added a note to the project blog for my coin purse.

I'm wearing my basted-together niqab to church.  I need to shorten the nose-support tab about half an inch, and the next niqab should be half an inch narrower.


Tuesday, 7 July 2020

I wore the niqab to hang out the clothes yesterday, and the middle tab is just fine.  I also discovered that the wider veil allows me to put my glasses on after putting on the niqab, which holds the middle tab against my face and makes the veil cover the actinic keratosis scar as well as the skin graft.

I'd better sew it up soon, because it needs to be washed.

I don't feel like working, so I'm finally finishing up 2019SEW2.HTM.  I find that the first entry thinks through the vent I plan to put into my black raw-silk shirt if I ever run out of desperately-needed jobs to do.  I hope I remember where to find it.  Ah, continued in the 8 June 2019 entry.

When I finish that, I can start closing out 2020SEW1.HTM.  (Beginning by moving the July entries into the July-December log.)

Oh, grump!  I've got 2019 ready to validate — and I won't be able to do that until after we dump Comcast and regain access to our Web site.

I might have a chance to upload the corrected copy.


Sunday, 12 July 2020

Comcast managed to de-fang the trojan they call a security upgrade, but it's too little too late:  the guy from Century Link will be here tomorrow to look at our land-line wires, and Dave has installed an antenna for over-the-air television.

My orange veil has been sweated on a few times and laundry day is tomorrow, so before going to church today, I machine-stitched the band and picked out the basting.  There were a few spots where I used the same thread for the basting that I use for the final stitches, and I had cause to regret that.

This was not the best job of top-stitching I ever did.  Wobbles a good bit in the row that runs along the edge.  But nobody is supposed to get any closer to it than six feet.  I mostly wear it to keep the sun off my incisions when I'm quite alone.

I learned that I can throw the veil up over my hat when I'm indoors.  I waited to go to church until everyone else had gone home.

I think I'd like to make another that's cut into two curves under the eyes, with a shorter nose tab, to cover more of my nose.

I changed the e-mail address on the poster offering banner-making classes, printed out a fresh copy, and shoved it under the office door.  I'll wait to obtain materials etc. until I hear from potential students.  I hope they have the iron-on stickum stuff at Lowery's.

Yesterday, Saturday, I found the mending on the left thumb of my riding gloves torn, so I threw them onto the ironing board and hunted out my newer pair, and found that those had also been darned in that spot.  What do I do with my left hand that I don't do with the right?


Wednesday, 15 July 2020

When hanging up my linen jersey after today's ride, I noticed that the collar has frayed.  That jersey has hardly been worn!  I don't think it has been through the washing machine more than once; when I come in sweaty, I soak it in a bucket — today with a dash of ammonia — then put it through a drain-and-spin cycle.

I'll soak it a second time, because of the ammonia.

I finally validated 2019SEW2.HTM this evening.  Only three errors.  I corrected one, got four errors, deleted some no-longer-needed comments, which removed two errors, then finally found the two close-paragraphs that were not open.  They had been staring me right in the nose.  I removed them by overtyping with blanks, and was surprised when I found that the corrected copy and the old copy had the same byte count.

Now it's time to move the July entries into a new 2020SEW2.HTM and validate 2020SEW1.HTM.

I've found that I can photograph my face by myself; I must put on a plain black shirt and hold a fashion show for ROUGH59.HTM.

Then I can pick the stitching out of the handkerchief niqabs and put them back into the handkerchief drawer.


Thursday, 16 July 2020

broken strap on default sandals

Nothing to it when I finally got around to it.  Smear glue on both sides of end of strap, shove back into slot, cover with a square of waxed paper, clamp in vice.  It will be a few days before I take it out of the vice.

I was forethoughty enough to figure out how to clamp it in the vice before opening the tube of Shoe Goo.  It entailed taking the laces almost all the way out.


Friday, 17 July 2020

Yesterday I trimmed the ragged edges of the bras I'm re-hemming, an eighth of an inch off one, the other I had to cut along the exposed edge, about a quarter of an inch.  I guided between the two rows of stitching holes for a substantial part of the way.

Bra #6 needs to be done as soon as I get these two back into service.


Tuesday, 21 July 2020

I meant to wait to sew Bra#1 until I'd pinned #3, but this morning I found that the bra I wore on washday was in the laundry, I didn't want to wear #6 because the frayed spot might start a tear, and #5 still hasn't any elastic, so I unfolded the White (while wearing a sleeping bra) and stitched very, very carefully.  I didn't want to repeat the sloppy job I did on the veil.

It wasn't until those seemed like too few numbers in the above paragraph that I remembered that I'd hand-washed a sweat-soaked bra and left it in the laundry room on Saturday.

Check:  I'm wearing #1.  #2 is in the hamper.  #3 needs to be pinned and stitched.  #4 is now in the closet.  #5 needs elastic.  #6 needs to be re-hemmed.

That's all of them.

Later I cut the bottom off the clean madras body-pillow case, sewed it up, and put it on one of Dave's new king-size pillows.

On Sunday, the repaired sandal fell apart before I got to church.  In case it simply hadn't cured long enough, I repeated the repair, and today I remembered to go out to the shop and take it out of the vise.  It will surely be cured by next Sunday.

But maybe I'll take an old pair of sandals in a shoulder bag, just in case.

Pity I can't go shoe-shopping.  It takes many, many trips to find a pair that fits.

I wonder whether my sneakers are stiff enough for cycling?


Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Bra #3 pinned and stitched and in the closet.  Time to pick out #6 — which has, upon inspection, been re-hemmed before, but a short bit of the hem is gone entirely.  Perhaps I can re-hem just that section; I'll check all around with magnifying glasses on before I decide.

All the bras except #5, which was never finished, have been re-hemmed.  Time to cut out the yellow linen bra I've been planning.  And it's not too early to make more underpants; the four PDF briefs aren't going to last much longer, there are only seven of the hemp-cotton jersey, and the HCG was very thin to start with.  I do have one yellow, one black, and two linen briefs.

I picked the hem out only in front, which avoided narrowing the shoulder straps again, but it was a royal pain to persuade those worn-in creases to veer where the trimmed hem tapered into the original hem.

So #6 is sewn and hanging in the closet with a crescent drawn on it to show that I intend to wear it on Monday.

And:  scale "ready to cut off worn fabric" and "finished repair"

I think that that means that I'm ready to cut this file into January-June and July-December.


Wednesday 29 July 2020

Yesterday I wanted to post a picture of my linen jersey on a mailing list and couldn't find one, so I snapped a couple of pictures:

Bike jersey, front view Bike jersey, back view

And this morning I cropped and scaled them.  Tried to see how they looked, and Firefox wouldn't show anything after July the third.  So I validated it, found a mistake at the top that propagated all they way to the bottom, corrected some other mistakes, and now it validates, but I can't open this file in Firefox past July third.  The Web copy works just fine, and did before I corrected all those mistakes.  ??

Mystery solved:  I've been opening the back-up file on JOYXP.  I must get around to freshening that soon.

While hanging clothes yesterday, I noticed that the madras body-pillow case was torn, but in the part that I'd already decided to tear off to make a king-size pillow case.  After bringing the laundry in, I measured it against the piece I'd torn off the other one, and this morning I unburied the White and opened it, but it's nap time and I haven't sewn it yet.  I did fold and put away the laundry that had been cluttering the White.


2 August 2020

Today's schedule calls for spell-checking January–June and bringing its spine index up to date.  I noticed "cobbled a ripped pillow tick" on the spine index.  We threw that pillow away quite a while ago, and I've made its cases into cases for the new queen-size pillows.


Wednesday, 5 August 2020

On Monday, I mended some broken stitches in the waist casing of the yellow underpants — don't know when I replaced the stretched-out elastic.  There are more broken stitches, but the gaps aren't big enough to bother with yet.

Then I started trying to draw threads to cut a worn-out linen pillowcase into sweat rags.  Tried again yesterday, found that I can do it with more magnification but I can't do it holding a magnifier, remembered my neck-hung magnifier.  I plan to wash the dust off and try it today.

Pity I can't go into Harbor Freight to see whether they have stronger glasses.  I could order one of the absurdly-expensive reading glasses on the Web, I suppose — sight unseen.

I'm developing a lot of empathy for Al when he trudges back into the house, drooping and resigned, after a five-second escape into the flea-infested world.  (He's allergic to fleas.)


6 August 2020

The neck-hung magnifiers worked.  Three sweat rags really aren't worth this much effort, but I got determined.

I think that economists call this the "sunk-cost fallacy".

I've been thinking off and on about my scheme to shorten the nose tab on my next niqab half and inch, and scoop out under the eyes half an inch, in order to pull the veil up high enough to cover the recovering kerosis scar on my nose.  Just how do I shape the join with the tab?

Eventually I realized that the result of all this complication would be to make the bottom of the tab wider — all I need to do is to make the tab a trapezoid instead of a narrow strip.

I photographed the orange niqab, and cropped and scaled it yesterday.  Now to revise ROUGH059.HTM to include it.

And I have three more pictures to take.


11 August 2020

When I looked at NQB\ED.DIR, I discovered that I already had pictures of the strawberry and green niqabs, so all I have to shoot is the white gauze one.

I've been dithering over the thread for overcasting my linen sweat rags; on the one hand, my two-ply thread is much thinner and softer than 100/6, on the other hand it's been hanging in the window for years.

Question settled when I learned that the thread is too rotten to run through the machine.

No ecru bobbin in my 100/6 bobbin box, so I wound one.  The I could not find either spool of ecru 100/6; I vaguely recall using one up and snitching a spool from the other machine, but the remaining one should be in the cotton drawer of the White or on the shelf beside the window in the sewing room.

I didn't feel like winding a five-hundred-yard spool, so I wound another bobbin and used that.

I absent-mindedly began sewing on the scrap side of a drawn line, but that's all to the good.  I meant to overcast the scraps before cutting off the sweat rags anyhow, and that allowed me to warm up.  I completed one of the three sweat rags.  I have not, of course, cut it out.  The second round was easier than expected because I realized that it's better if the stitches don't interlock.


14 August 2020

I finished stitching the sweat rags this morning, then sunscreened up, took my small cutting mat out to the picnic table in the shade, and cut off three rags, leaving the scraps all in one piece.

I had to re-wind the spool bobbin, but there was plenty of thread left on the bobbin bobbin.  My tension must not be as balanced as I thought it was.

So after putting the new sweat rags on the pile, I dug out the electric screwdriver, found an empty 500 yd. spool, and wound the rest of the ball onto it.

Then when I put it away, I found that I already had two full spools of ecru 100/6.


Sunday, 16 August 2020

Today I picked the stitching out of the green niqab and threw the bandanna into the wash.

I also re-stitched the yellow furoshiki niqab that I washed last week, then decided to wear the orange headband niqab to church instead.


Monday, 17 August 2020

Noticed, while hanging clothes, that the elastic cord in the waist of one of my pairs of PDF-jersey briefs had come untied.  When I brought it in off the line, one end of the elastic was sticking out of a large hole worn into the casing, and a loop sticking out of another proved to be the other end, so re-inserting and retying it was quick and easy.

The PDF has worn so thin that it no longer feels remarkably different from the sleazy hemp-cotton jersey, but it's now easy to sort it by sight.


23 August 2020

Oops! I lined the collar of my yellow jersey with black linen so that it wouldn't show skin oil. It shows up sunscreen very well, and soaking the jersey in ammonia and rinsing it after a ride does not take out sunscreen.

The rinsing water is still yellow. One wouldn't think that something so pale could bleed for so long.

I have chosen fabric for my nose-guard niqab.


28 August 2020

I started work on my muslin niqab this morning, and in the afternoon, I noticed DH sitting on the front porch, grabbed a needle, broke off a long piece of the two-ply thread that hangs in the window, and sat beside him to darn the sweat rag that I tore the washday before last while stretching the stitches around the edges.


2 September 2020

What a struggle! I ran out of bobbin thread -- exactly at the end of a seam, then decided that it was a good time to oil the White, which has been on my to-do list for ages. Involved both the PDF manual and a print-out of the lower oiling points with all the "oil"s marked in red. Almost all. Study of the PDG turned up a couple more. Which I marked for next time.

Then when I lifted the belt over the handwheel, it broke. That barbed joiner is very clever, but it's almost impossible to put back with bare hands, and if you use any sort of tool, the barb will cut through the plastic.

Apparently, wear will also make it cut through the plastic, ready break under unusual tension. At least a seam ripper got the ring of plastic off the barb. Stretching the end of the tube with my fid -- a varnished dowel I stuck into a pencil sharpener -- before starting helped a little.

And I didn't do all that without making the belt fall off the drive wheel. It's easy to put it back, but I had forgotten how.

I think I'll take a nap before I sew the other side.


7 September 2020

While looking up something else, I learned that a collar and yoke suitable for wearing over an excessively-low neckline is a "partlet", so called after the ornamental neck feathers on a hen (Dame Partlet).


8 September 2020

Roomba cleaning the sewing room

Oops! My plan was to press the nose tab and the seams of the veil first thing this morning; surely I could finish the job in one day and stop having to wear that bright-orange niqab every time I leave the house.

But with the revised schedule, it's Roomba day in the sewing room, and of course the first step in clearing the floor is to fold up the ironing board.

At least it will be neater in here. It's been months since I let Roomba in. My go bags are in a particular mess, and that's a good way to bring on a need for a go bag!

Among the things the indoor leaf blower blew out from behind the foot locker was a swatch of black muslin. It had gotten very dirty, so I embroidered a double-head arrow over one of the chalk double-headed arrows on it, and threw it into the hamper.

The disruption led to wondering what is in the Priority Mail box I use to raise XP's keyboard to typing height; it's packed with books to keep it from sagging. Most likely, the books were grabbed at random, discriminated solely by length, width, and thickness, but _Knitting Without Tears_ may have been chosen because I have two copies.

Another is a book I'd forgotten owning: _Ethnic Socks and Stockings: A compendium of Eastern Design and Technique_. This was a terrible disappointment; I'd ordered it expecting an examination and analysis of museum artifacts, with a discussion of how the design fits into the the culture that produced it. Instead I got a book of origninal designs loosely inspired by a trip to a museum. Only the stranded patterns were copied; I never saw any indication that the author was aware that eastern stockings are designed on an entirely different principle from western stockings, even though it's obvious from the picture of a museum specimen on the cover.

Perhaps I should give the book another chance. The disappointment at getting a pattern book may have concealed what observation was there.


11 September 2020

I've been reading my Wallet Diary in the hope of remembering what I was up to when I took it apart.


14 September 2020

Changed into clean grubby pants this morning and felt a hole in one pocket. They are hanging pockets that were overlocked around the edges, and some of the overlocking had come undone. I stitched it with the thread already on the zig-zag machine, which happened to be ecru 100/6. I was puzzled (and worried about provenance) that the top thread was on a bobbin, then I remembered the incident in which I mistook ecru spools for white spools, thought I didn't have any spooled ecru, wanted to sew now, so I wound a bobbin instead of a spool. Then later I ran down an electric screwdriver winding a spool with ecru 100/6, and when I put the spool away, it matched the two spools already there, and on inspection, the labels read "ecru".

While reading some old Usenet posts yesterday or the day before, I found the following URLs:


same shot at absurd resolution:

End Quote.

I wonder why I couldn't find those pictures when I wanted to post a picture of my windbreaker?

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