Exercises in Lace Making

Exercise One:  
the basic join and a simple edging

Exercise Two:  
trefoils and rosettes defined

Exercise Three:  
the one-thread join, and passing the thread behind

Exercise Four:  
of right, wrong, record-keeping, and the simple wheel;
of tying off and pressing matters

Exercise Five:  
the classic daisy

Exercise Six:  
the classic wheel

Exercise Seven:  
adding chains: the scroll

Exercise Eight:  
exchanging threads

Exercise Nine:  
the rosette of rosettes

Exercise Ten:  
mock rings and the pass-through join

Exercise Eleven:  
joins into telescoping loops and temporary picots

Exercise Twelve:  
all-mock beaded medallion

Exercise Thirteen:  
two-shuttle work and running out of thread

Exercise Fourteen:  
the sinuous curve and the checkered chain

Exercise Fifteen:  
the true scroll

Exercise Sixteen:  
Solid areas

Exercise Seventeen:  
a few notes on design

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