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24 November 2018:  recipe added to "eggs" in cookbook 
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seven swans a swimming

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kitten thumbnail The Kitten Formerly Known as Maggie 
chair thumbnail Al comes out of the closet  
whatsit  thumbnail What is it? 
Advertisement thumbnail An advertisment Claude Beeson printed in 1931
One of Mother's postcards
Fred lounging on the windowsill
Fred and his sister, Frieda
all our cats
Pictures of my sewing and other needlework
Old Pictures


How to be Pretty Though Plain A partly-scanned antique book
Writers' Exchange Bulletin a link to my N3F activities

Links to my writing Books, essays, and poems about needlework, editing, writing, and other subjects.

Rough Sewing  Simple household sewing, book in progress.

A group project  I'm slowly converting the family cookbook to hypertext for easier distribution.

2020 Ride Reports

Dentifrice Salt and soda

Links to other sites:

Dave Beeson's page

Evelyn Beeson's Duck Tale

Evelyn Beeson's Hoosier Chronicle

Dorothy J. Heydt's bibliography

Back-up Bookmarks

The Spriggan Experiment The Spriggan Mirror by Lawrence Watt-Evans

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