revised October 1, 2004



My e-mail reader files attachments in a special directory, but does not call them to my attention.  If you want me to notice your attachment before I get around to cleaning out the attachment file, mention it in the body of your message. 


Subject lines

Every now and again I get a spam which has a meaningless subject line or no subject line at all, has a newly-minted name in the from line, and when opened consists of meaningless HTML codes. Any message which displays these properties is likely to be deleted unread.

If I don't recognize your name, that's one strike. If you can't turn off HTML, that's two strikes. Be careful about your subject line!



If your letter looks really, really good while you are composing it: if you can set headlines in bigger type, emphasize words with colors, underlines, and italics; if you can type on decorated stationery or include photographs — that's HTML, and it will arrive in my inbox as a pile of unreadable garbage.  I can decipher it — IF I have reason to think it's worth the trouble.

If your subject line suggests that you've been reading my Web site, I WILL think it's worth the trouble — write me!

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