Revised 4 January 2012

Pictures of my sewing

 Wizard suit, front view (and I postponed having the picture taken until I'd made matching slippers!)

 Wizard suit, back view

 My silk ball gown

 My default shirt, with a white turtleneck standing in for me.
Note smock-style patch pockets and slits at sides to give access to pants pockets.
This incarnation is made of silk and has a hand-rolled hem at the neck.
I've used the same pattern to make pajama tops.

Crochet on sewing:

Close-up of the lace that was on my "scrub suit" when the cover photo was taken.

Crocheted baby booties:

an old family pattern

Toddler Apron:

A doll-sized adaptation of an apron pattern that once circulated on newspaper.

More pictures

can be found in the HTML files for Rough Sewing

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