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Rough Sewing

Little Lulu at an art 
                     needlwork exhibit

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On all of my sites, every directory contains a text file named "ED.DIR".   ED.DIR is a list of all the files in the directory, and updates itself automatically every time I open it, so it can be used as a local sitemap.  If your browser can't read *.DIR as a text file, save-as it to *.txt.  ED.DIR is easier to read in a fixed font; it uses spaces to line up the dots in filespecs.

I never specify a typeface or type size. All my pages appear in the font that you told your computer you prefer.

Pages that haven't been updated lately must be viewed in a narrow window, or at a very large font size. (Pressing control with + a few times usually does it.) New and newly-edited pages are set to a maximum width of thirty ems.