I did not make this lace, but found it among my sewing supplies.  Being very old, it shredded when the rod in a wardrobe box collapsed and dumped the scrub suit (among other things) onto the floor of the box.

detail of crocheted edging

I removed the lace from the shirt, and saved the pieces to use as a pattern.

The lace is simple crochet, reminiscent of mile-a-minute.  It is worked sideways, in a thread that makes about five filet mesh to the inch, beginning with an ordinary chain.  Since the chain is slightly shorter than the mesh worked into it, the lace tends to curve a little.

After one row of plain mesh, a row of mesh embellished with spaced scallops is worked.  Each scallop spans three mesh, and there is one mesh between, making a four-mesh repeat.

After working three mesh, a short chain is worked. 
I presume that this is a chain of two stitches, since that would maintain the rhythm of the work. 
Then four dc in the second mesh back,
ch 2,
four dc over the short chain,
four more dc over the short chain,
one dc in the next post of the mesh,
resume working filet mesh.

Since the last dc in the scallop is slightly longer than a two-stitch chain, this row further enhances the slight curve.

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