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Shuttle Solitaire:   Tatting as a Tranquilizer

Take the knots out of your nerves by tying them into thread.

Shuttle Solitaire is a work in progress.   Most of the chapters lack illustrations, and a few at the beginning need a thorough re-writing.   Nits and criticism are solicited for all pages. 
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Table of Contents

§  Why you should tat

§  What tatting is

§  How to Learn How To Tat  (under construction)

§  How to Learn How to Make Chains

§  How to Learn How to Make Rings:

<        [&&how to make tats:   single-ring decorations for stationery]>

§  Exercises in Lace Making

§  School is out:   Now what shall you make?

§  Appendix One:   How to Plain and Purl

§  Appendix Two:   Encyclopedic Index

§  Appendix Three:   Illustrations of Knots

§  Appendix Four:   Glossary

§  Appendix Five:   Bibliography

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Learning to Tat
by Noelene Lafferty, Cooma, Australia

I'm learning how to tat today
They say I'll be just fine -
All you need's a bit of patience
A shuttle and some twine.
They say use twine to start with
Nice and big and thick
So I can see the stitches
And I'll know where to unpick.

Now, under, over under,
and pull the cotton tight
But before you do make sure it's loose
Or it won't come out right!
I can see I've got a knot there
It's as plain as plain can be
But they tell me it's the wrong stitch
It should be upside down you see!

Again, under, over, under
Loose, tight, what a laugh!
This time they say it's perfect
Now try the other half!
Over now and under
Loose, tight, and pull away
But they tell me once again now
It should go the other way!

Start again with patience,
Under, over, it will come.
Then over under - or under over?
My fingers seem all thumb.
Try another, and another,
Hang on, that stitch just flipped!
Woopee, I know now what I'm doing
I'm tatting, I've got it whipped!

«»«»«»«»«» «»«»«»«»«» «»«»«»«»«»

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