SCHOOL IS OUT:  Now what shall you make?

There's no law that says that you have to make anything at all, but a journey is more pleasant when you have some goal in mind, even if it's only the place where you turn around and start back. If you have no goal, you'll end up doing the same things over and over, like a lost traveller walking in circles. Your mind needs obstacles to divert it into new paths, and creativity can't kick in without a problem to solve.

Anything that can be made of cloth or lace can be made of or embellished with tatting:  dainty lace for handkerchiefs and baby clothes, elegant appliqué for evening wear, garish splashes for sportswear, sturdy hot mats, curtains -- entire curtains have been tatted, though most of us would settle for adorning one.

You can also make a great many things not usually associated with lace, and things not made of fiber can be embellished. Picture frames are popular. Pictures can be tatted -- flowers and insects seem to be