revised 9 May 2017

I started to compile a collection of recipes that I could print out whenevr I was invited to a wedding. The project petered out, but the file remained as a handy place to stash recipes I found on the Internet. I've linked to it here, as some of you may want to copy a recipe out of it as a starter for your own comments. Click "old cookbook".


Below is what I gleaned from our recent exchange of e-mails and haven't sorted yet. I remember a lot of stuff I can't find. There's nothing in here about liver or ground beef, for example, and I know we discussed both extensively.

Unless you get free range chickens to fry, I doubt if you'd need mom's method for fried chicken. You browned it, slow cooked it and then took the lid off to brown it. Nowadays its tender and ready to eat after browning it. Does preclude good chicken gravy, but that's a blessing for us old fat people. Amanda, do you like liver? I wouldn't want it even once a month, and my cholesterol level agrees, but it does sound good. Sue M. says she doesn't serve it because of what the livers job is in the body. That doesn't bother me.

I buy the graham cracker crusts in a pie pan with a plastic cover, use the recipe that came in them for the cheese cake part. After they chill they can be topped with any type of canned pie filling, or my personal favorite, a can of eagle brand with 1/2cup of lemon or lime juice stirred in. Sets up to be a lovely lemon or lime pie! Good thing there'll be 15 hungry women to eat this stuff!!
Love, SAL

Here's my beef roast recipe:
Get biggest, cheapest chunk of beef you can find. Marinate it overnight. Marinade sauce: whatever I have that looks good at the moment.

Put beef in my "Set it and forget it" rotisserie machine. Don't really forget it because the instructions say after you set it, don't forget it, because it's a fire hazard. Wait until beef looks almost charred on the outside. Slice into super thin slices and sneak a few pieces for myself when no one (Debbie) is looking. Eat with what ever side dishes happen to be handy. Follow with 1/2 hour of tooth picking.
David Lecklitner
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