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I'm on Facebook too.  I don't try to keep up with the convulsions of the site, but I do check my inbox now and again.  (December 2022: It has been some time since Facebook allowed me to post, comment, or respond to messages, but I'm still allowed to read.  June 2023: allowed to read posts most of the time, messages once in a great while.)

and I read alt.sewing nearly every day.

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18 March 2024

Yesterday I finally got around to adding the current sewing diary to the table of contents. Upon checking to see whether I'd uploaded it (I haven't), I noticed that I need to mark the link at the top of the page as a link to the Table of Contents -- it looks like a title for the Table of Contents, and seeing a screenful of change notes under it is confusing.


5 March 2024

Closed out 2023SEW2.HTM and uploaded it. Haven't removed it from editing folder.


16 February 2024

Discovered that the current version of index.html hadn't been uploaded, uploaded it.


Friday, 26 January 2024

Yesterday I uploaded a new photograph of Grandmother's bodkins to PICTURES OF TOOLS.

Took the whole morning.


Thursday, 18 January 2024

I created a subfolder for knitting, but have not yet changed the table of contents to link to it.


Tuesday, 9 January 2024

My scanner will make a PDF that will support keyword search.  That makes posting a PDF instead of proper hypertext much less offensive, so it would be possible to add "How to Stop Knitting" to my Web site without a prohibitive amount of retyping.

But do I have the stamina to scan eighteen pages all in one sitting?  There is probably a way to concatenate separate PDf files, but I haven't a clue as to how to find out how to do it.


20 December 2023

Took some pictures a few days ago.  They are still in the camera; been too much Real Life™ to deal with them.


24 November 2023

Couldn't sleep last night, got up and created a project blog for a six-pocket apron I'm probably not going to make.  ROUGH064.HTM is not yet linked from the table of contents.

I have been refreshing RUFFTEXT in segments, with an eye to being able to refresh the whole folder in one go.  Filezilla can be set to skip files that aren't newer than the target, which allows a huge upload to finish before there is a glitch in the connection.  Also before I get bored and walk away from the computer.


14 October 2023

Today's ride was rained out, but I didn't do anything else either.  I did fiddle with the project blogs for the pink jersey and the 18th-Century cap.  Created a link to 2023SEW2.HTM from ROUGH063.HTM mostly from memory, and it worked the first time.

I'd better find a place for the cap in the Table of Contents.


9 October 2023

I created a file for a project blog for a linen cycling cap.

Created links to new project blog and pink-jersey blog.  Both are still plain text.


Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Pictures have been cropped, scaled, and uploaded.

Still no comments on denim pillow ticks.

I'm about to upload ROUGH057, but the now-working links should be edited, if only to remove the pointless.


Tuesday, 26 September 2023

Photographs in Insufficient Fabric are not properly linked.
No comments on photos of pieced pillow ticks.

It turns out that the links are just fine -- the scaled photographs don't exist.


Friday, 22 September 2023

I corrected the wrong-level links in Calling-Card Sewing Kit, but haven't uploaded the corrected file to the server.


Wednesday, 6 September 2023

I lost access to the Web site for a few days, but the problem was solved when we increased our storage to ten gig.

Which affords only two gig for additional photographs.  We shall have to increase it again soon, but we are paying only fifteen dollars a month now; it won't cost much.

I've replaced one of the files that was zeroed when the cloud couldn't accept one more byte, but don't know how many more there are, or which ones.  At least one of the files that I thought I'd over-written was still there.


Thursday, 31 August 2023

Spellchecked 2023SEW2.HTM and did some other clean-up.


15 August 2023

I realized, while crawling around on the floor in a vain attempt to halfway civilize the sheet on my modern mattress, that I don't need to finish the essay on making beds.  The modern you-need-a-ladder mattress can't be made.


29 July 2023

Added the bottom matter to 2023SEW2.HTM and began clean-up on 2023SEW1.HTM.


Saturday, 15 July 2023

Yesterday evening I tried to make an entry in 2023SEW3.HTM, only to find that it didn't exist.

An Explorer search turned up four back-up copies, and three of them were current.  This sounds like a triumph for a habit of making back-ups, but it's Explorer's habit of making it blooming easy to move a file when one meant to copy it that almost certainly accounts for the disappearance of the file in the first place.

I wonder why clicking on the files opened them in Notebook instead of Firefox -- each had a Firefox logo on it.

Still need to close out January-June and move the bottom matter to July-December.


11 July 2023

I have begun 2023SEW2.HTM, but have yet to move the to-do list etc. into it, and 2023SEW1.HTM hasn't been spell-checked etc.

I intend to start a diary for the pink jersey Real Soon Now.  I'll call it ROUGH062.HTM.


Monday, 3 July 2023

7:50 AM 7/3/2023 WEBLOG: figured out way to copy data into text files -- maybe.


20 June 2023

I cropped and scaled a bunch of pictures for ROUGH061.HTM yesterday, and corrected the links.

I stumbled across some Comcast links too.  Pity my crippled computer won't allow me to hunt for them.  Or to correct them while I still remember what was wrong.

The steroids did send my sciatica into remission.  Now if I had some time to train . . . and a comfortable jersey to wear.


23 May 2023

Upkeep on the diary 2023SEW1.HTM and the project blog ROUGH061.HTM is about all that's going on.  As if a crippled computer weren't enough, now *I'm* crippled.  I'm hoping that a course of steroids will fix it up.


19 May 2023

Took a picture of work in progress for ROUGH061.HTM and couldn't upload it to the computer.  I suspect that the USB port has died.


24 April 2023

I scaled some pictures for ROUGH61.HTM, the diary of my new quilting-fabric jersey.

Haven't had much time to write.  Real Life (TM), as the fen say.  ("(TM)" is supposed to be a trademark symbol.)


25 March 2023

It's a very big nuisance that this version of DOSBox disables undo deletion.

Took the comments off my cluttery To-Do list so I could read it without opening DOSBox.

Current entries in 2023SEW1.HTM are being made in hypertext.  Vast swathes of older entries are <pre>.

I tidied the to-do list


19 March 2023

Moved a month and a half of notes out of blogsew.txt into 2023SEW1.HTM.


29 January 2023

Closed out 2022SEW1.HTM, after a fashion, and I'm done with it in my way.  At any rate, I plan to move it out of DOSBOX after I back up the directory.  (Or is that "folder"?)


Friday, 30 December 2022

I closed out 2021SEW2.HTM today -- and in the process, discovered that 2021SEW1.HTM needs work.


25 December 2022

twenty-six minutes after one in the morning.  I've just finished putting spaces between sentences in 2022SEW1.HTM. 

There's a *reason* I usually divide the diary into two parts!


Friday, 23 December 2022

I learned today that my DOSBOX monitor allows me to put windows side-by-side when I'm purging BLOGSEW.TXT of stuff that has already been uploaded.

No hope of ever replacing the computer I was almost ready to transfer all hypertext files to when it blew a couple of capacitors.  I'm gradually learning how to make a crippled computer limp along on crutches.  Kinder behind on backups, which is very rash when one is using a crippled computer.


6 September 2022

Copied a bunch of stuff from BLOGSEW.TXT to 2022SEW1.HTM.  Figured out how to copy it as <pre> in one step; saves a lot of time.


18 August 2022

I had a few hours today when I was too tired to sort scraps and make bias, so I copied notes from blogsew.txt to 2022SEW1.HTM, and formatted quite a lot of them.  I might even get around to uploading the revised file to the Web.

Perhaps I was also too tired to edit.  After an hour so I thought "I've got a *lot* of work in this file; I'd better back it up."  So I shut down DOSBOX -- actually, it was hitting F2 when I meant to hit F3 that alerted me to the need to back up.

I not only moved the folder when I mean to copy it, I dropped it into some random folder.

Though Explorer's search function says "All files and folders", it adamantly refuses to search for a folder.  After a certain amount of despair, I thought of searching for a copy of 2022SEW1.HTM that had been modified today.  Turned up two files, one a back-up I'd made before starting to mess with the files, and a copy in PAGEN3F.  *And* it *told* me which folder it was in!

After recovering my work and backing it up, I took a nap.


29 July 2022

I've figured out how to plug in the iron without unplugging the monitor of the computer that runs DOSBOX.


21 July 2022

I have figured out how to upload pictures, but so far I've done it only for my diaryzine.

Updates and corrections continue to be awkward to the point of not getting done.  I keep 2022SEW1.HTM going by taking notes in a text file inside DOSBOX, so they can be moved into the correct file when I've opened DOXBOX.

It's time to split off 2022SEW2.HTM, and I still haven't closed out 2021SEW*.HTM.


19 May 2022

The ultimate-unedit file comes through! While I was attempting to mark a month's worth of notes in BLOGSEW.TXT, so that I could move them to 2022SEW1.HTM, they vanished, and ctl F4 did not bring them back.  But PC-Write automatically freshens the backup BLOGSEW.&TX when I open the file, and all my notes were safe.

So now they have been copied to 2022SEW1.HTM and uploaded to the server, and you can go there and read them.

I'll try not to go so long before opening DOSBOX again.  And I'm now writing a real letter in DOSBOX under Linux on the other computer, so I may figure out how to add to a file without a lot of rigmarole in a month or two, which will give me more time to write, as opposed to fiddling with my programs.


Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Today I copied PAGESEW and PAGEJOY from the USB stick DH copied the drive of the crashed computer onto.

I'm still crippled, but I can update my Web sites now.

This was made possible when DH gave me a USB octopus that got my USB port out where I can plug sticks into it.  I can also plug in two sticks, which is an order of magnitude better than one.  (Though an invisible patch on the change from none to one!)


Wednesday, 23 March 2022

If you can read this, I've successfully uploaded this file.

The Agent thing didn't work out -- turns out that this version of DOSBOX disables the ability to copy the clipboard into a non-Windows program.

There are more complaints about my computer crises in my sewing diary. .


2:22 PM 3/20/2022 

I have created a file called "blogsew.txt" in 
folder Pcw, and put a shortcut to it on my 
desktop.  Now it's easy to write something with 
Notepad when I'm in Windows, then move it to the 
appropriate file when I'm in DOSBOX. 

I've really, really got to get around to figuring 
out how to copy this Weblog to the Web server. 

11:45 PM 3/22/2022 

I posted the Banner today.  I'll post Weblog 

1:26 PM 3/23/2022 



8 March 2022

Much to my astonishment, rotating one monitor also rotates the other monitor.   It is barely short of impossible to change the rotation of a monitor that is in the wrong rotation. Finally the dime dropped: Change the rotation just before switching to the other monitor.

Changing rotation, changing monitors, opening the directory, choosing a file, and remembering to click F6 rather than enter isn't much trouble when I mean to sit down and edit for a while, but it does discourage one from jotting down casual notes. I have opened a draft in Alt Sewing in Agent. Hope I remember to date the entries and don't get confused.

Oops, I forgot to date this one

Slow progress on recovering my computer. I have resumed updating 2021SEW2.HTM, but still have no way to upload it.  Got a monitor switch today; as soon as I rotate A by ninety degrees, I can resume reading Web sites on a portrait screen, and an un-removable privacy notice won't cover half the weather.

Soon it will be time to transfer the notes I took with Notepad. I was fretting over how much trouble it was to re-format the Banner so that the notes wouldn't all be smushed up on one line when I realized that I can simply put <pre></pre> around the notepad-format entries.


Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Yay! I can add entries to this blog again!

I still can't upload them to the website, but I hope to learn how to use FileZilla soon. Using FileZilla to upload an update is like planting tulips with a backhoe but, if I recall correctly, it *will* copy a single file if asked very nicely.

"Nice" here in the sense of "exact".

I must check to see whether WSFTP will run on XP.


Thursday, 27 January 2022

Still haven't split 2022SEW1.HTM off of 2021SEW2.HTM.

Still need to correct the links in SEWBIRD.HTM.


Monday, 10 January 2022

Edited some pictures in BLOGXXII and linked them to 2021SEW1.HTM. Someday I'll cut the January entries off 2021SEW2.HTM and start 2022SEW1.HTM.


8 October 2021

Found SEWBIRD.HTM and SEWBIRD.JPG, moved both to RUFFTEXT/TOOLS. Have not corrected the links, but I did delete three Comcast addresses.


11 July 2021

Complained on 2021SEW2.HTM that I couldn't find my write-up of pants protectors for bike riding. Also noticed that 2021SEW2.HTM hasn't been put to bed yet.


7 April 2021

Edited ROUGH010.HTM: Edge Finishes


26 January 2021

Finished the spine index for 2020SEW2.HTM, corrected a couple of typos found while reading the file.


1 January 2021

I've started 2021SEW1.HTM, and I've taken a picture and cropped and scaled and posted it.


22 December 2020

I added a quote from School Needlework to ROUGH007


1 December 2020

I found out why ROUGH059 wouldn't display OCT3_1.png.  The file's name is Oct3_1.png.


12 November 2020

Began moving the poncho-shirt diary to ROUGH060.HTM.  The file needs a lot of editing.  I probably also need to crop and scale the pictures I moved to PONCHO_files, soon to be changed to "PONCHO", to match the other subdirectories of RUFFTEXT.

Later: on the other hand, leave well enough alone.

I made some minor changes to ROUGH030.HTM, "Notions".  I suspect that I'll have to run a search-and-replace to change <p> to </p><p> before I can validate it.

And on the third hand, I might want to add some of the photos I found in the desktop GRAPHICS folder, and a uniform directory name would make that easier.


11 November 2020

Searched site for "comcast", deleted a few obsolete text files.

Additions to ROUGH059.HTM are in progress.


22 October 2020

The diary on the octagon mask in ROUGH059.HTM is complete, except for some editing, and I've started a new one for a lined octagon mask.


15 October 2020

I cropped and scaled some photographs for the mask diary in ROUGH059.HTM.


30 September 2020

I've been designing a mask in ROUGH059.HTM, with much discussion of creating a Web-able diagram.


14 August 2020

Started writing a discussion of pleated masks in ROUGH059.HTM.


7 August 2020

Searched RUFFTEXTnnn.txt/htm for "comcast".  Found two pages in need of repair, repaired one, but need to create an e-mail address.  The other was a couple of URL that I need to find, copy, and paste.


5 August 2020

Snipped the pictures I left in 2020SEW1.HTM when I split off 2020SEW2.HTM, and revalidated.

Then I revalidated 2020SEW2.HTM, and it passed too.


3 August 2020

2020SEW1.HTM validated first pass, and so did 2020SEW2.HTM.  Did I validate yesterday?


2 August 2020

2020SEW1.HTM now ready for validation.  I found and repaired a broken link in INCTEXT.HTM.


2 August 2020

I finally split off July's entries from 2020SEW1.HTM, and now it's time to run the spell checker and bring the spine-type index on the Table of Contents page up to date.


13 February 2020

Photographed my mother's sunbonnet-baby needlebook and my snack-bag sewing kit.


12 February 2020

Scaled WALLET47.JPG and uploaded it.


29 January 2020

Finished spine-indexing 2019SEW2.HTM.


20 January 2020

I took a picture for the wallet diary today, #47.  When I stared naming them WALLETnn.JPG, I thought a hundred names were worlds, then I realized that I often shoot half a dozen pictures and throw away all but one, and sometimes take pictures for other purposes, so I'm relieved to have more than half my hundred left.

But I intend to take a few more pictures for the wallet, and might well start another project that calls for picture-taking before I finish cleaning up the blog.

Too busy darning a jersey to wear tomorrow to crop and scale the picture.

I eventually thought of taking all pictures on a white background, to match the background of my Web site.


16 January 2020

No more progress on closing out 2019.  I did process a photograph for the wallet diary, ROUGH057.HTM, today.


6 January 2020

I'm proofreading 2019SEW2.HTM and updating the "spine index" on the Table of Contents.


3 January 2020

I kept clicking on ROUGH057.TXT when I wanted ROUGH057.HTM, so I deleted TXT.

I never created ROUGH.058.TXT.  No current plans to delete 047 through 056.  I'll wait until they annoy me.

057 is a blog for the wallet I'm making; 058 is the coin purse I plan to make.


25 December 2019

Found the Web copy of Rough 50 was an obsolete version, added a pointer to Rough 58 and uploaded it, plan to validate it Real Soon now.

I have a blog started for my new coin purse:  Rough 58.  The blog for the old coin purse (Rough 50) needs a lot of work, but isn't going to get it.  I now consider it obsolete.

I'm thinking of deleting the text copies of ROUGH047 to the end, since ROUGH046 is the latest one that isn't hypertext.  I can search those files separately.  I don't do a global search often enough that making it a two-step process would be annoying.

Deleting the lines that freshen the ROUGH0??.HTM files would make closing two clicks faster, but I'm so accustomed to making those two clicks . . .

On the other hand, deleting the un-needed files would eliminate the possibility of polluting the Web site with them.  Removing surplus files from the server can be tedious.

It validated on the second try!  I missed three misplaced <p>s, and there was a ghost error (closing tag for a div that isn't open), presumably caused by one of the errors that I corrected.  But they were all close-paragraph tags that were a few lines too low; I don't see how that would affect "div".

The second round of corrections increased the file size by thirteen bytes, but I only moved and deleted characters. ??

Whatever, it's valid now.


31 October 2019

Corrected the link from bags to casings.


26 October 2019

I linked from casings to bags.  Now I need to correct the link from bags to casings.


25 October 2019

Took and uploaded the picture illustrating the entry for 3 March 2019 in sewing diary.  It's filed in RUFFTEXT/EDGEFIN in case I get around to hypertexting Edge Finishes.


13 October 2019

Hah!  The validator found only one teeny mistake -- a <p> in the wrong place -- in ROUGH049.


10 October 2019

Paged through ROUGH0??.TXT looking for missing divs, reformatted ROUGH048.HTM (and copied it to ROUGH048.TXT) and validated it.

I have a LOT of text files that haven't been hypertexted yet.  But I'll div all the unfinished hypertext files before starting a new conversion, starting with ROUGH49.HTM arrows.  That page also has a broken link, which I think I can repair tonight.


7 October 2019



3 October 2019

div Bags, ROUGH023.HTM.  repair broken link to edge finishes -- use two zippers if you can't find a long one

Must have been some other file that didn't have <div>s.

This file has lots of vestiges from its text-file incarnation.  I made no effort to change them.  There were several links to .txt that I changed to .htm.

All my h3 headers were nested improperly.  In the process of changing them, I've been removing textfile header indicators.

I thought sure all my paragraph breaks would be flagged as errors, but so far, none.

You also can't put a header inside <a name=, but it turns out that a carriage return is sufficient content for <a name= .   Never thought of trying it because a space won't do.


2 October 2019

Corrected a link in ROUGH005.HTM.


27 September 2019

I have started a glossary page.

Now I have to remember how definition lists work.

I think I have an example in Shuttle Solitaire.


25 September 2019

Corrected the typo in the revised-on date, corrected a typo in Book Reviews, corrected the table of contents in ROUGH010.HTM, Edge Finishes.  Validated all three.

Then I added a table of contents to ROUGH009.HTM, Seams, lower-cased some all-caps headers left over from the text version, corrected some mistakes, and validated it.

About fifty pages still need work.


23 September 2019

Cleaned up the format of ROUGH054.HTM:  Book reviews.  It validated on the third try.

I also altered the Table of Contents to point at the current version.  I haven't yet validated it, or corrected a typo in the revised-on date.


8 June 2019

Edited the Table of Contents


7 June 2019

Final-edited 2019SEW1.HTM today.  Now to untangle the mess I moved into 2019SEW2.HTM.


5 June 2019

Not too long ago, PC-Write informed that it couldn't load WORDS.MAS into memory, so I created 2019SEW2.HTM and moved the to-do list into it.

Today, I got the out-of-memory message again.  I need to move the entry for 3 June and down into 2019SEW2.HTM and close out January – May.


9 May 2019

2019SEW1.HTM takes a detectable time to upload now.  Perhaps I have been more verbose than I was last year.


29 April 2019

I validated 2019SEW1.HTM and found a bunch of typos.

Before that, I scaled about half a dozen photographs and put them in their proper places in the file.  Two pictures were also cropped.

And before that, I went to the server and deleted a bunch of trash, most of it Jaypegs, with a few GIFs and some hypertext.

I occupy more of Dave's web site than he does.  He uploads pictures every five minutes, but each over-writes a previous one; mine accumulate.


20 March 2019

Validated 2019SEW.HTM.  It took only two passes; all mistakes were stray </p>s.


27 February 2019

This morning I searched RUFFTEXT for "comcast" and didn't find anything but references to my e-mail address.  Might be links to the site that isn't there any more in the PAGESEW folder, but there isn't an easy way to search non-consecutive files.

It's a pity that I didn't name my diary files "1SEW2019" instead of "2019SEW1".


26 February 2019

Reformatted ROUGH045.HTM:  Designing & Assembling Broadfall Pants


15 February 2019

I am de-messing LINJERSY.HTM.


14 February 2019

I scaled two photos and added them to BLOG1XIX


31 January 2019

Added a link under "Needlework Compendiums" in OUTLINK.HTM.

Searched site for "comcast" and revised ROUGH36.HTM a bit.  Still needs work.  Also found "comcast" on ROUGH45, but felt too tired to repair it.


12 January 2019

Made a start on closing out 2018SEW2.HTM.


15 November 2018

Corrected a spaced hyphen in 2016SEW1.HTM.  Found the spot -- or *a* spot -- saying that wool felt is no more, and added a paragraph saying that Gohn Brothers have it.  I think that was ROUGH007.TXT.


26 October 2018

Added a word to rufftext/rough039.txt.


21 August 2018

Made a small edit to a book review.


1 August 2018

This morning I tried to add content to a file in the folder where I keep my training medical-problems log.  Found many, many things wrong with the index to that folder and never did get around to adding the content.  I must delete the link to "ride reports" on my personal-page TOC; it's no longer of any concievable interest to anybody, and was of very little before.


14 July 2018

What do you know!  I searched RUFFTEXT for Comcast, found that "ROUGH925.HTM:  Knots" needed a lot of work, did the work, fed it into the validator, and it passed on the first try!

The page could be improved a lot, but it's good enough to make refining it wasted effort.  I might could change the header to "List of Knots" -- I think that that is all that actually needs to be done.  How fancy does a list need to be?


10 July 2018

Created ED.DIR for POCK011.

Searched RUFFTEXT for "comcast", which revealed that Bags & Pillows (ROUGH023.HTM) needed a *lot* of work, stayed up late.


3 July 2018

I cleaned up, closed out, and validated 2018SEW.HTM.


13 June 2018

I created a subfolder of RUFFTEXT named POCK011, and added two photographs to ROUGH011.HTM:  Pockets.  Haven't created ED.DIR yet.

Also took a picture of the slop pants I'm planning to alter, but haven't added it to my sewing diary yet.

At the end of May, I found pictures intended for BLG1XIIX in 2018BANN.  Moved them, haven't linked them yet.


5 June 2018

Validated the diary.

Tried to correct the link complained of in previous post.  Discovered that I already had.  I don't remember what the problem was.

Found a "see" that could be made into a link, did so.


7 May 2018

Corrected some overlooked "up to TOC" links in ROUGH010.HTM.  The link above "Shirt-tail Hems Meet Facings" adamantly refuses to correct even though I copy-and-pasted a link that does undiv.  Nothing above or below it seems different.  Validating didn't turn up any errors except the inexplicable objection to <ul>.


4 May 2018

Put the missing pictures in their proper places, refined the text in the tutorialoid documentary.


2 May 2018

Took "may" out of "Pictures which may have been omitted".


29 April 2018

Edited and linked the photgraphs I took yesterday for the tutorialoid documentation of the third cat quilt.  While cleaning up ED.DIR for BLG1XIIX afterward, I found some files that might be the "?? I was sure I photographed this" spots.  Checking now to see whether they have been linked.

Found 'em, edited them, made the links.  Will put the links into their proper places and re-write tomorrow.


21 April 2018

Added some general remarks to ROUGH011.HTM:  Pockets


19 April 2018

Validated "ROUGH011:  Pockets" this evening.  I found a few things to add to my to-do list in the process.  Two or three comments used the PC-Write comment code — which doesn't do anything if you don't print the file, and I wore out all the printers that I have PC-Write printer files for.  Not to mention that I never intended that file to be printed. ???

The validator doesn't like the table of contents.  No surprise, since it's the same code as ROUGH010.HTM.


18 April 2018

I didn't have an icon for 010, so I clicked on an icon for 011, intending to F5 to 010.  011 is now ready to feed to the validator, but I'm too sleepy to do it tonight.  Besides, I want to read the funnies.

all the files that 011 links to are worse messes than it was.


18 April 2018

I couldn't sleep last night, so I worked on 009 for a couple of hours.  It was a real mess


16 April 2018

A few days ago I started to search the site for "comcast",  Long story short, ROUGH010.HTM almost validates, but I need to replace the links to the Table of Contents with </div><div> links,  And I must find out why <ul> isn't allowed in the Table of Contents.  Prolonged use of DuckDuckGo in an attempt to find out told me how to get rid of the bullets, but by using embedded style codes. 

At least my three uses of "ul" are all WC3 has to complain about.

And there's a note in my to-do list that ROUGH009.HTM needs to be "revised", whatever I meant by that.  I was a little more specific with the note on 010.

I added a picture and a link, collected a few spurious end tags while replacing the TOC links — or, rather, while adding some that I'd overlooked — but I still don't know what WC3 has against my table of contents.


8 April 2018

Ran 2018 Sewing Diary, Part One through the validator.  Three errors found and corrected.


3 April 2018

Started searching RUFFTEXT for "comcast", got as far as ROUGH005.TXT, spent rest of time editing "Flat Things" and correcting the links on ROUGH048.HTM, which is where I found the correct links to paste into 005 — commented out because that file had last been edited during the change from Comcast to wlweather.

I should put a set of links in ED.DIR for ready reference.  And right now I'm going to copy WORDS.MAS, ED.DEF, and ED.HTM to RUFFTEXT.  Jobs like this are easier when I have access to my spelling checker and defined keys!


23 March 2018

Added photos and comments to the "bodkin" section of

Also added "photograph horsehair brush" to my list of things to do.

Validated this file.  Decided to ignore the twenty "character & not allowed in attribute specification list"s that start at line 439.  Perhaps I should start WEBLOG3 to put them where they don't clog the validator.


9 March 2018

Created the link from Aprons to Edge Finishes.  In the process I discovered that Elastic Casings is incoherent; the information is there, but you really have to dig for it.

I also discovered that I needed to run a search for "See" and put in some more links.


8 March 2018

ROUGH042.HTM is complete, validated, and linked.

But I found some other pages that are a real mess.  In particular, I must search all my pages for the string "comcast".


7 March 2018

Yesterday I started work on converting 042, the apron essay, into HTML.

I also added "hong kong finish" to the list of "words to know" on the index-and-scraps page.  Perhaps I should add a glossary.


6 March 2018

Began HTMLing the essay on aprons.  Found a bunch of other stuff to correct in the process, but don't remember what.


23 February 2018

Deleted "Best viewed in a narrow window" from ROUGH.HTM, and noted that at least one of the comments in the Table of Contents needs to be updated.


16 February 2018

Just finished validating after some major changes in format yesterday and today.  I also added a photograph of a bodkin.  There's another photograph I must add.  And I found two broken image links and changed "6H" to "6h".


27 January 2018

I validated OUTLINK.HTM yesterday, and the link I was trying to add still acted like a comment tag.  Finally traced the problem to a missing close quote.  Getting all the other errors out made it a bit easier to find.

Today I plan to finish adding the link and answer the fan letter that inspired it.


4 January 2018

What a struggle!  I lost count of the number of times I ran 2017 Sewing Diary, Part Two through the validator.  But now it validates — and I improved the format here and there in the process.

I'd better open my diary for March and post a reminder to validate 2018 Part One halfway through.

Also uploaded pictures of the finished bras to BLG2XVII, and, while checking that I'd uploaded all of them, found a few that I had thought had been already uploaded.


3 January 2018

The Table of Contents now validates.


1 January 2018

Added "<style type="text/css"> div {max-width: 40em; margin: 0 auto; } </style>" to the Table of Contents.  In the process, I learned that one must put "</div> before and <div> after any illustration that is more than forty ems wide.  I did that for the dividing line between the intro and entries of this file, so that it can extend the full width of the screen instead of blending in.

Of course the size of an em varies with type size, but I don't think anyone will view my files with a font so teeny that forty ems are less than six hundred pixels.  That would make an em only fifteen pixels wide.  I have tried, and can't ctl- my lines narrower than my standard illos.


30 December 2017

I corrected some links in "Get Out of Here".

That page (OUTLINK.HTM) needs a thorough revision, but isn't going to get it any time soon.


27 December 2017

I scaled some pictures to illustrate 2017SEW2.HTM.


1 December 2017

Yesterday I corrected some obsolete links in a file that can't be reached from the Table of Contents yet.  It's mentioned in the text file about mending that it *should* be linked.

Perhaps it's time to hypertext the mending file.


17 October 2017

Added two pictures of rulers to "pictures of tools".  Introduced an error someplace that keeps </center> from turning off centering.  Must validate the file Real Soon Now.


22 July 2017

While postponing a weeding session in the garden, I discovered that ROUGH007.TXT contains complete instructions for making a wallet sewing kit.  All I need to do is to copy them over and add tags and pictures.

But right now, I'm going to pull a few weeds.


21 July 2017

Found the comments, copied June 2016 into ROUGH052.HTM, deleted the irrelevant lines, there was nothing left but a remark that I meant to make a tutorial.

At least the file is no longer empty.

The links at the bottom need editing.


21 July 2017

I should validate 2017SEW2.HTM at intervals, so as not to have dozens and dozens of mistakes to correct at one sitting.  Also, someone may be reading it.


14 July 2017

Found some images missing while validating 2017SEW1.HTM.  To my great relief, each was only a matter of having substituted "H" for "h" in the link.  Nearly all the many errors the validator found were misplaced </p>s.

When falling asleep last night, I remembered that the comments I'd made about the calling-card sewing kits had been in my sewing diary.  So if I check the dates on the photographs, I should easily find the comments.

2017SEW1.HTM has validated!



13 July 2017

I began 2017SEW2.HTM a few days ago, and plan to close out 2017SEW1.HTM today.

Finding and finishing the calling-card sewing kit tutorial has moved to the top of the to-do list.  Mem:  when creating a directory to hold illos for a particular file, put the name of the file the illos are for in ED.DIR.

Never did find the tutorial I'm *sure* I started typing.  After creating ROUGH052.HTM, I launched a serious search for the file, which SEW_KITS.HTM says is called CARD.HTM, but have concluded that I only thought the comments that I recall writing.  (You'd be amazed at how many files on my C drive contain the work "card".  But I did substantial file cleaning and organizing in the process.

I thought I'd put 2017SEW1.HTM away, but while reading Usenet, I realized that I'd forgotten to spell check it.



7 July 2017

I have split my training log, but have yet to neaten up my sewing log.



13 June 2017

Photographed a fold-bottom patch pocket to add to my essay on fold-bottom pockets, then discovered that I'd never gotten any farther with it than creating a folder to put it in.  I think I'll added it to the bottom of the page about pockets.



1 May 2017

Yesterday I converted an old mailing-list post into a new page for the site, but haven't linked to it yet.  I've also added a line to the copyright notice, but have not uploaded it yet.



9 February 2017

I've been neglecting this log, but I have not been neglecting the site.



21 November 2016

I had to split my training log into two pieces today, because the file was too long.  This has nothing to do with Rough Sewing, but PAGEJOY doesn't have a blog.



20 October 2016

The Table of Contents now links to the Pocket Wallet blog.



11 October 2016

Accidentally opened 2016SEW1.HTM by mistake for 2016SEW2.HTM (Haven't changed my bookmark yet), got to reading it, found that the link to the basted-arrow tutorial was broken.  After much sturm & drang & angst & effort, disovered that there was a suprlus "/" in the URL.

But in the process, I found that all the image links in that tutorial — which is ALL images — give "file is not on this server", and that file most definitely is on that server.  It also says the "ARROW" directory doesn't exist, but I can get at its index through the index for RUFFTEXT.  Worry and fret and pounding my head on the walls avails nothing; there is not the slightest thing wrong with any of those links.

WC3 Validator would probably help, if I could find out what doctype goes on plain old hypertext.

The link checker showed me that there was an extra dot in each image link.  Fixed those, and now the tutorial works.  But I can't make the link back to the table of contents work.


9 August 2016

Found and repaired a broken link in 2016SEW1.HTM and declared it closed out.


31 July 2016

Couldn't sleep; got up in the wee sma hours to polish January-June 2016.  Finished adding non-breaking space; only one had been missed.  Searched for hyphens with line breaks after them.  Still need to proofread before I can call it closed out.

A few days ago I found and repaired some mistakes and outdated links on various pages, including a jaypeg that had the wrong name.  I should look at my pages with Dave's computer more often.


6 July 2016

Cut the bottom off 2016SEW1.HTM and used it to start 2016SEW2.HTM.  Haven't cleaned up January-June yet.

Changed one word in ROUGH030.HTM — Notions.


1 July 2016

I shall wait until after the festivities to close out 2016SEW1.HTM and start 2016SEW2.HTM.


13 June 2016

I think I shall make a project blog out of making my new pocket wallet.


12 June 2016

Found the path E:\PAGESEW\RUFFTEXT\WARDROBE\INDEX.HTM too long to fit my semi-automatic backup on exit, and shortened the name of the subfolder to "WRDR".  Not really satisfactory.  Perhaps I should give INDEX.HTM a ROUGH0nn.HTM name such as the trapezoid-skirt file has.

Took some pictures of the fabric for the trapezoid yesterday, but haven't yet checked to see whether any are usable.


10 June 2016

Activated the trapezoid-skirt file, added (but did not link) a file to collect musings on a whole-bolt wardrobe.

I think I'll go edit the TOC file to indicate that Trapezoid Skirt is now a project blog.


12 May 2016

Added a comment to "Rotary Cutter" in TOOLS:  ROUGH007.TXT.

Inserted a missing word into the underpants section of Women's Underwear:  ROUGH039.TXT.


11 May 2016

Found a broken image link:  .gif, not .GIF.

Discovered that I've been systematically installing picture links that say "./BLOG" — wrong on two counts:  going back is "../", and the BLOG folders are subfolders of the current folder.  Search-and-deleted 2015SEW2.HTM, have a way to go.

The lower-cased ".GIF" turned up in the process.  I'll have to page through all my files from Dave's computer to see what other mistakes don't show when I read the local copy.


26 April 2016

I added a paragraph about my leg board to ROUGH007.TXT:  Tools.

The "patience failure" photograph has been added to the contents page.

17 March 2016

Added paragraph tags to pocket essay, then changed the table of contents to point to the hypertext version.  Still needs a lot of formatting, and should be thoroughly edited for sense.

Still haven't linked the failure picture to the essay on patience.


16 March 2016

I frittered away the whole morning cropping and scaling photographs, and finding out why image links didn't work.  2016SEW1.HTM is, for the moment, up-to-date, but the punctuation is not refined.

Sometime or the other, I created BLOG2.XVI, and it, umm, contains a photo that I should have cropped, scaled, and linked to.

The photo for the essay on patience on the table-of-contents page has been cropped and scaled, but not linked and captioned.


27 February 2016

Noticed and repaired a bad link on LINKS/LINKS.HTM on my personal site.

Haven't done anything for the pockets file.


25 February 2016

A few days ago, I noticed "link to pocket discussion from forgotten forum — icon on desktop" in my to-do list.  Found the icon, moved the file into RUFFTEXT.  Looked for a place to put the link, discovered that I'm about halfway through hypertexting the Pockets file.

I've been adding photos of the red ramie bras to 2016SEW1.HTM.  Still haven't created BLOG2XVI.

I should mention, in a few places, that every directory contains a file named ED.DIR.  ED.DIR is an automatically-updated list of all the files in a directory.  Reading ED.DIR would allow you to find the file discussed in the first paragraph even though I didn't mention its name.  (I think it's "POCKETS.TXT".)

So I added a remark to INDEX.HTM, and also added a link to Dave's pages.

In the process, I discovered that the link to this file led to the closed weblog, so I added "2" to the filespec.

Changed the reference to Facebook in this file, because I've gotten a message or two in my inbox, and it was not e-mailed to me.  Might be possible to correct that if I spent a few hours learning how the site works, but it won't work the same way tomorrow, so I won't bother.


9 February 2016

It's probably time I started BLOG2XVI for the illustrations to 2016SEW.HTM.  The overjersy pretty well filled up BLOG1XVI.  But I've started recording the red-ramie bra in it, and will continue to do so.

Hmm . . . time to update the index to 2016 on the table of contents.  What's the generic term for the sort of index that appears on the spine of a magazine?


8 February 2016

On the fourth, I found and repaired broken image links in the embroidered-arrow tutorial.

Still need to link in some images.


11 January 2016

Found and corrected some defective image links in 2016SEW1.HTM.


9 January 2016

Noticed that I haven't linked to 2016SEW1.HTM from the Table of Contents yet.  Will start a spine index when I do.  I took, cropped, scaled, and installed some photographs for 2016SEW1.HTM yesterday.  Well, one picture.  I deleted more than half a dozen for hand-shake.  I think I'll bring the stepladder into the parlor the next time I take a picture, so I can brace against it.

I'm still typing 2015SEW1.HTM when I mean 2016SEW1.HTM.

Oops!  The link was there, but commented out.


4 January 2016

Took and installed the picture today.

In the process of scaling the picture, I freshened the PAGESEW backups on XP; I think I then uploaded the freshened files to wlweather, but I'm not sure.  I vaguely recall messing with Filezilla.

I try to mirror the local files onto the Web now and again in case I changed a file and forgot to upload it.

Just checked:  the table of contents now points to this file.

So all should be well with the site; e-mail me if it isn't.


2 January 2016

Began the 2016 sewing diary today.  One of the four pictures I took for it was unusable, but I can take it again tomorrow.

I have yet to clean up and put away the 2015 diary.  Hmm . . . must change the table of contents to point to this file.

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