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How to Edit Your Club's Newsletter
Second Edition

As soon as I had printed the first edition of How to Edit Your Club's Newsletter, I began to revise the files, intending to print a second edition when the first had sold out.  It still hasn't sold out — if you want a copy, it's available from the author for only $5 postpaid.  Write to joy beeson at comcast dot net.

In the meanwhile, I've given up editing, so I no longer have anything to say, and advances in computing have rendered whole chapters obsolete.  There will never be a second edition.  But there is still a lot of good stuff in there, so I make the files available on the Web.
Comments and criticism are solicited:  

These files are plain text, but there are formatting commands plainly visible.  I may do something about that when I've finished marking up Shuttle Solitaire.  In the meanwhile, just page down — most of the non-printing stuff is at the top of the file, though you will find a line of strange symbols in each place where I've changed format.

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Table of Contents

table of contents — don't bother; the columns in this file *really* snow Notepad.
So I tried the link after moving this file, and Notepad read the columns just fine.
Once again, ???
Why Are We Doing This? Physical Form, The Jigsaw-Puzzle Bit
What should you put into your newsletter?
printing methods, scaling, style, spelling and grammar
Pasting Up, Bits to paste in
Editing Expenses, Publishing Expenses, Mailing tips, Sharing the work
Book reports
Stuff for ornamental cover

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