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There are two ways this isn't a real blog.  One is that I'm using plain old hypertext to write this, rather than proper blog software or [graphic design]ml, so the only way you can post a comment is to e-mail it to me and hope I'll FTP it to my server. 

The other is that the author of a blog is supposed to make an entry every day, and feel guilty when he skips.  I intend to write additions only when I feel the need to rant.

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27 May 2006

Hey, a meant-for-a-blog entry for a change! I tried to post the following in Live Journal, but Live Journal wasn't in the mood to accept updates. I wonder what a BML block P is, and how one goes about closing it? (I tried again with paragraph codes added, but that wasn't it.)

I just found a folder containing hardcopies of some of the poems I lost to an "upgrade" of the computer. The one on top runs:

2 April 1995

Creating an All-Human World

Mother once warned me
That it is cruel
To allow a baby animal
To fall into the hands of a small child
For when children love something
They love it to death

The league of animal lovers
Has fallen into the hands of adults
Who are still the children
My mother meant.

21 November 2005

Increasingly-desperate correspondence   It turned out that there is also no way to contact them by snail mail. Stand by for a sudden change of address.

19 October 2005

On my calendar, the Sunday after next is marked "Daylight Savings Time Ends.  How I wish that it meant it!  Daylight Savings has to be the stupidest idea ever adopted all over the world.  Nobody has ever advanced an argument in favor of Devil Satan Time.  There are thousands of good reasons to get up an hour earlier, but ask a DST proponent why we need to jump back to sleeping an hour later at the end of October, just ask 'im!

Our estimable president has floated the idea of getting even more "benefit" from DST by keeping it a bit later in the fall and starting it a bit earlier in the spring -- never mind that this puts the U.S. out of sinc with the rest of the world and thereby blatantly exposes the "all the OTHER kids are doing it" excuse.  Why not just go straight to year-round DST?  Indiana did that thirty years ago, and it worked out very well until the never-sufficiently-maligned Mitch Daniels put his oar in. 

Signed responses will be posted verbatim.

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