Calling-Card Sewing Kit

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1 June 2016

Spent most of today fiddling with the Publisher file for printing out sewing kits.  Finally figured out that the key was to simplify it, and not try to pre-print every aspect.  Helped that I no longer want to pre-print the names of the threads; I'd rather print kits first and decide what threads to put in them later.

screenshot of Publisher file

Screenshot, edited.  I was rather disappointed that Publisher won't export.  This was printed on card stock to make three kits, one for me with phone numbers on the back, the other two to give out as calling cards.  If it works, I'll cover the phone numbers with a white rectangle and print three more — five calling cards should be worlds aplenty.

All marks below the middle were left over from an attempt to mark every fold by dead reckoning.  I didn't see any reason to bother to delete them.

And I learned today that Gimp has a smudge tool.  I mostly use Gimp for cropping and scaling, and rarely edit.


2 June 2016

sewing kits on cutting mat

Took a picture of the kits in progress, and put it and the screenshot into a new subdirectory, intending to write a tutorial on how to make them.


26 June 2016

Notes about yesterday in EMBROGIG.HTM.  We used three of the empty sewing kits, so I get to make three more and take pictures of doing it right.

Also need to cut a lot more cardboard circles, and inventory the backing papers to see which colors have been used up.

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