Last revised on 29 November 2017

Interlocking rows of buttonhole stitch on the heel of a sock

A "Point de Venise" darn in progress on the heel of a sock.  I have almost finished covering a worn area along the short-turn line of the turning of the heel.  Note that the darn follows the grain of the heel flap even though most of it is on the bottom of the heel, at an angle.  Overlapping rows of buttonhole stitch don't care much about the grain of the fabric, as long as you are consistent within the darn.  Most of the time, keeping the darn straight is easier if you follow the structure of the fabric underneath.

Even though I wear these socks on either foot indifferently, both socks have worn on the right only — and this isn't the first pair that has worn in this manner.  It must be something about the way I knit them — but it wears on both sides of the "seam", and the other "seam" appears to be identical.  (Puzzled shrug.)

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