Last revised on August 26, 2002

Fly-Stitch Alphabet

A quick way to embroider words on your clothes and household linens

The program I used to draw these letters was most emphatically not intended for the purpose.  Where you see two lines meeting at right angles, with a dot in between, please imagine a fly stitch set on the bias. 

The stems of lower-case "g" and "q" are single fly stitches, but I couldn't draw a fly stitch with unequal arms, so I pieced it.

Letters A through H, upper and lower case
Letters I through O, upper and lower case
Letters P through W, upper and lower case
The capital U is drawn as a single loop held open by two short stitches -- you might prefer two fly stitches. 
The capital V is shown as a single fly stitch -- you might prefer two straight stitches.
Letters X, Y, and Z, upper and lower case

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