12:30 AM 11/24/2023

Couldn't sleep, designed a pocket apron.

Rectangle of black raw silk folded in half 
and sewn to a ribbon, eased on each side in 
lieu of pleats or darts.

Ribbon sewn across the inside, passed through 
a D-ring buckle, sewn across outside 
(sandwiching the apron), extended into a sash 
that fastens with the D rings.

Before folding in half, corner cut away by my 
skirt-pocket pattern.  Curve bound with china-silk 
bias tape.  Passport and watch pockets appliquéd.  
Can't catch them in seams, as no seams in appropriate 
places.  The side seams are french seams used inside out, 
and the hem where the watch pocket goes must be turned to 
the side where the watch pocket isn't.

Underlayer has upper half of each side pressed 1/8" 
to wrong side.

Folded right sides together, curves are drawn to round 
lower corners.  Stitch one quarter inch from the raw 
edges and the drawn curves.  The pressed fold is unfolded 
when matching the raw edges.

Trim to an eighth of an inch, ceasing to trim before 
reaching the hem.

Turn right-side out, press and baste as required, 
easing the stitches to the side that doesn't show.  
Also ease the folded edge to make a quarther-inch hem.  
Stitch one quarter inch from folded edges, continuing 
stitches along fold of hem.

Stitch along central edges of the pockets, rounding 
the corners by smoothing curving into the fold, as 
for the french seam.  Tracing around a spool of 
thread should be about right.  There should be at 
least half an inch between the pockets.

Since the patch pockets have to be appliqu&eacte;d, 
round their bottom corners too, but on a tighter curve 
than the main pockets.  A thimble, perhaps.  Need a 
template to press the fold-unders.  Probably have to 
baste the creases to ease in the excess fabric.