Last revised on January 2, 2003

A selection of yarns and a sock to be darned

Yarns from which I'll select colors to mend the striped sock at right.  A sandwich bag of yellow yarns lies on top of a bag of brown yarns, gray yarns have been dumped out of a larger bag, and a hank of white Medici is draped over all.

I found the cards of mending yarn at a distressed-merchandise store. Most of the yarns in the small bags are skeins of Medici. Some of the gray skeins are Persian, which is too coarse for the sock at hand -- I will use one or two strands of Medici, or one strand of mending yarn.

Both Persian and Medici are crewel yarns. Yarns labelled simply "crewel" are apt to be about the thickness of a single strand of Persian.  I have crewel yarn on cards like the mending yarn in the picture, and also in skeins like embroidery floss. I don't recall seeing either for sale lately.

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