Last revised on February 13, 2003

Bobbin-Box Sewing Kit

A sewing kit assembled in a four-compartment bobbin box

The sewing kit I carry in my suitcase.  There are no scissors or measuring tape because I have scissors on my keychain and always carry a tape measure in my purse.  If miniature scissors were added, the scrap of black wool flannel into which the needles are stuck should be double-thick and as large as the box lid, to provide a barrier between the scissors and the contents of the compartments.

Another scrap of black flannel is sewn into a tight roll to serve as a pincushion for the stainless-steel silk pins.  Two other pins have wandered in: a glass-head pin lying on top of the pin compartment, and a small T-pin hiding under the bobbins. 

Two of the compartments are used to hold three bobbins each, as the manufacture intended, and the thimble shares a compartment with a bobbin of #20 thread, so I have a selection of seven threads.  This number could be raised to nine by letting the thimble and some loose pins share a compartment. If four kinds of thread are enough, a narrow tape measure can be coiled in one compartment.

I've turned one bobbin on its side to show the label, made by pressing a removable address label onto the bobbin and trimming with an Exacto knife.  This label does not interfere with using the bobbin in the sewing machine.  I labeled the plastic bobbin by scratching "60" (the size of the thread it is reserved for) into it with a needle. 

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