revised 13 January 2015

four people in front of house

Written on Back:  Eli Lackey, Aunt Icy, probably the small girl is Grandmother Bailey


two people on chairs in room

Written on Back:  Mary Ann Dukes, Allen Dukes


very dark scan of baby picture

Written on Back:  Fred E. Bailey
the tintype isn't that dark. A new scanner is on order.


oval portrait of couple

Written on Back:  Fred E. Bailey, Jessie Bailey


Written on Back:  Joy Loveless


portrait of baby in christening gown

Written on Back:  Pauline Bailey


group portrait on lawn, house wall 

Written on Back:  Fred's Wedding


house with large porch

Written on Back:  R.O. Lane's house in Colfax. Pauline Bailey in picture.


Parents in rocking chairs in the corner of a 

Nothing written on Back.  The girl puts me in mind of Aunt Eva.


school picture

I found this one on the floor; presumably it fell out of something during one of the avalanches.  I not only don't remember wearing my hair like that, I didn't know hair could do that.  I suppose it was a fragile do that held just long enough to get my picture taken.  Curls were very important at that time; a teenage girl wouldn't comb her hair after taking curlers out for fear of straightening her hair.


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