Page Four                                                    Writers' Exchange Bulletin                               No. 60, November 2002

Penina Spinka
14492 N. 57th Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85306-4236
602 439-8831
May, 1998

I would like very much to see short stories or chapters of fantasy or horror based on "real" history, set in locales that can be anywhere on Earth's past in an earlier Century or in heaven or hell, two more of my favorite locations.  The last two locales should show historical figures.   I just read a good one about the Marquis de Sade trying to raise Hell in Hell.  I like witches and adore vampires.  I'll tell you if the story and characters work or not and if not, why not.  I'll go so far as to help strengthen sentences (if you wish) or tell you where ideas need work.  Send copies you're fairly satisfied with, but that I can write all over.   Snail mail or e-mail - both are okay.

Janine Stinson
PO Box 430314
Big Pine Key, Florida 33043-0314
Tue, 23 Apr 2002

I read SF, fantasy and horror. I also have a copy editing service; send me an SASE for details. If you've had a book published, send me a copy and I can probably get a review of it published in either Inscriptions Magazine or Strange Horizons (both online, both have solid reader bases).
Stories up to 4,000 words OK to send as attachments in e-mail, but QUERY FIRST; I get busy off and on with my freelance work

Mickey Williams
718 Providence Blvd., Apt. 1
Clarksville, Tennessee 37042
February 2001

I have been published in Renaissance & SCA (medieval historical society) periodicals.  I write poetry, fantasy, SF, children's stories, & articles.
I am a single parent of four grown children.  I love folk songs & lore of all ages, drawing & painting, people, music, animals, and nature.  I also dabble in art.  I work for Precision Printing, a division of Anheiser Busch. 

I have many interests, but my first love is writing.

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