Page Three                                                   Writers' Exchange Bulletin                              No. 60, November 2002

C-124 flight simulator, C-130 Doppler radar and inertial navigation, and Maintenance Plans and Scheduling.   
I am a staff reporter for "thecity NEWS" in Jackson, TN. where I write a computer column, "Jack's Bits and Bytes", do book, movie, and convention reviews and have published many interviews with writers and authors. I have written for Memphen magazine, published by The Memphis Science Fiction Association, for around eight years. I have had articles, reviews and interviews published by TNFF and Sidebeam.  I do reviews and interviews for The BookDragon Review, on the Internet. I am a substitute teacher for two high schools and I am taking the PRAXIS tests in June, to see if  I can get a teaching certificate.
I hope to persue my writing more vigorously since retiring. I hope to write some fantasy and sci-fi for publication.

LaVern Loretz, Jr.
8223 Indian Hill Road
Manlius, New York 13104
January, 1998

I write most of the time, and like American action-adventure TV and British comedies.

Harold Marcum
P.O. Box 286
Kermit, West Virginia 25674
June 2, 1995

I'm 38 years old and love to read.  I have wide-ranging interests and will read anything.  Send me your work and I'll give you all the feedback that you desire.  Hardcopy only, please.  Length does not matter.

Jeanette Marsala
3610 Klein Court
San Jose, California 95148
November, 1995

Jeanette is a ROM - a Read Only Member - so send her a few mss.

Carla Hall Minor
905 Whitney Court
Plano, Texas 75023
December 12, 2000

Mark Neilsen
P.O. Box 482

Mahomet, IL 61853
January 1997

I am trying to kick the poetry habit and move on to short stories in the science fiction and fantasy vein, and need people to read them and offer suggestions, opinions, and the like.  Anything would be helpful.  Also interested in reading other's works.

George Phillies 
87-6 Park Avenue 
Worcester, Massachusetts 01605 (Internet)
May 2000

5¼" or 3½" floppies, MS-DOS format, high density OK.

Cindy Richter
1740 Ocean Avenue (11B)
Brookland, New York 11230-5454

David K. Robinson
88235 Highway 9 Apt. #5
Lineville, Alabama 36266-6944
January 27, 1999

I write both sf and fantasy.  I have never sold anything professionally, but I do send stories out.
My favorite writers are Misty, Jennifer Roberson, Clarke, MZB, and most of the other major sf and fantasy writers.

John Rollins
Housing Unit SSD C-06
P.O. Box 250
Draper, Utah 84020
June 1997

I like to write stories of horror and epic fantasy.  Sometimes I'll write "different perspective" stories from mythological characters such as the Kraken.  Also every once in  a while I like writing speculative articles on Shakespeare.  Poetry I do, but usually I throw it away because it is really depressing and negatively oriented.

Fred H. Schütz
Auf der Lach 14
55590 Meisenheim, Germany

I'm the guy with an unearthly stepuncle named Fhafhrd Oxbegot who likes to meditate atop Ever rest.