Page Two                                                      Writers' Exchange Bulletin                             No. 60, November 2002

Membership List

Joy Beeson
1700 Park Avenue
Winona Lake, Indiana  46590
November, 2002

I can read handwriting (same as in school:  lined paper and #2 pencil, or black or blue ink.  Bright or pale colors are hard to read.). 
I can read decent dot matrix, and don't mind single-spacing and printing on both sides. 
I can read 3.5" floppies. 
I prefer that e-mailed mss. be in the body of the message, but accept attachments when arranged in advance.  (Members of the W.E. Bouncing Robin have standing permission to send attachments.)
I can read several PC formats, but I do it by schlepping them over to DH's computer and converting them to plain text, so you might as well convert them yourself and know where you're at.  Some formats drop paragraph divisions and do other inexplicable things when saved as plain text.
Send plain text with or without line breaks as you please; indicate which way you want it toggled when I send it back. 
Well, yes, I have Word Pad and whatnot.  But I also have myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, floaters, a scar on my retina, and I'm cockeyed.  I do NOT read any long  passages in letters that are silhouetted against an illuminated ground. (When LCDs are perfected, I might not be so hostile to displays that try to look like paper.)
Copy editing (grammar, spelling, consistency, transitions, etc.) is my forte.  I'm less good on structure and the large scale.

Judy Carroll
1080 South  450 East
Oren, Utah 84058
4 April 1996

I love to read, especially science fiction, but I will read almost anything that is not technical, a travelog, or pornographic.  Fiction I favor over non-fiction.
I worked for a time for a screenwriting agent, critiquing screenplays.  (Great work and I loved it!)
I feel I can "get above" a piece and read it objectively.
I will also read pieces for children and teens.
Typed only, please.

††New Address

Edmund J. Goodwin
33700 NW Norstar Ranch Rd.
WA 98642
phone:  (360) 887-4356
May, 2002

David Heath Jr.
POB 1985
El Cajon, CA 92022-0000
April, 1999

I do want stories and manuscripts to review.  I have done some professional editing, but not lately.  I will accept any size, but if you want it back, I need the appropriate SASE.
I like hard SF.  I prefer not to see fantasy.  I like thematic stories, but if it is hard SF I will give it a look.  Disks are okay, I have most of the Win-based word processors, Word, Word Perfect, and Claris Works.  I don't have a Mac any more. 
I don't answer the phone number above, only messages.

John R. (Jack) Jeffers
1110 Tate School Road
Huntington, Tennessee 38344
25 May 2002

I have been a reader of Sci-fi and fantasy, and practically anything else I could get my hands on, for over 50 years.  I had two short stories published, under a pen name, while I was in college in the late 50's.  I recently retired after working as a maintenance supervisor in an aluminum plant, Norandal USA, Inc., for 23 years.  I also retired from the United States Air Force, by way of the Tennessee Air National Guard.  I served 8 1/2 years active duty in the USAF where I worked on the Bombing / Navigational computer system on B-52E's and in PMEL, which is a NBS traceable laboratory, calibrating test equipment of all kinds, electrical, electronic, physical and dimensional. After discharge from the USAF, I worked briefly as a field engineer for a medical X-ray company, then worked as a field service engineer for Honeywell, Industrial Process Control Division, for 8 1/2 years. In my 14 1/2 year Air Guard career, I worked on the