At last I know: Thunderbird *does* respect a sigdash. Steve left my sig in his quote, and I had to copy and paste in order to leave in his reply to my remark that I was attempting to read Norton's works in publication order.

(The list of Norton's earliest works is below my sig.)

Long story which eventually gets around to Norton:

A few days ago someone on, I think, alt.pulp remarked that in _Tarzan and the Valley of Gold_, Fritz Lieber had caught Burroughs' style perfectly. Blink, blink -- I remembered thinking that _Valley of Gold_ owed a lot more to James Bond than to E.R.B. -- there were definite references to Goldfinger and Thunderball. (Probably only plays on the titles; I've never seen either movie.) So I went to the shelf where _Valley_ should be -- and found a copy of _Garan the Eternal_. (I never did find _Tarzan and the Valley of Gold_; it must be time to unpack the boxes from when we moved in 2001.)

Which all explains why I jumped to the fifth entry in the list below. (ABE Books suggests that it won't be difficult at all to get my hands on a copy of _The Prince Commands_; I could even be fussy about which edition, if one is more faithful than another.)

The misplacement seems to be appropriate; there is a very barsoomian feel to "People of the Crater" -- as I presume Part One of Garan the Eternal to be.

The 1972 DAW paperback doesn't mention "Garin of Tav" in the contents or any title page -- part, I presume, of the evil habit publishers have of passing collections off as novels, to the consternation of both the people who want collections and the people who want novels. (Not to mention the consternation of people who want collections for everyday reading, and save a "novel" for vacation time, only to find that it could have been read more comfortably in installments.)

But it does mention on the copyright page that "Garin of Tav" was previously published as "People of the Crater", so I know I've got the right book.

I haven't started Part II yet. The copyright page suggests that it is "Garan of Yu-Lac".

Just noticed that a close inspection of the table of contents shows the last two chapters of Part II in italics and without numbers -- a subtle hint that two unrelated short stories are included.

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Steve Everett wrote:

From ANDRE NORTON A Primary and Secondary Bibliography by Roger Scholbin:

The Prince Commands

Raleston Luck

Follow the Drums

The Sword is Drawn

People of the Crater
You can find this in Don Wollheim's Swordsmen in the Sky. It's also in Garan
the Eternal as Garin of Tav.

The Gifts of Asti
Can be found in Roger Elwood's The gifts of Asti and Other Stories

Sword in Sheath

Bullard of the Space Patrol; Edited collection by Malcolm Jameson

Star Man's Son 2250 A. D. also known as Daybreak 2250 A. D.