E:\LETTERS\4_18DAR.HTM 31 March 2018 -- distracting pain in right leg in evening

Symptoms were consistent with over-use, and I had increased my bicycle miles on the previous day, but I'm very careful to avoid favoring my left leg.  Mounting and dismounting is inherently assymetrical, but I didn't do any more of that than on my previous ride.

I had noticed smaller pains in that leg on previous occasions.

I took aspirin that evening and Sunday afternoon.

2 April 2018 -- little blisters Food:

We frequently share a frozen pre-cooked meal for supper, and lunch is usually a sandwich. I still cook, but not as often as twenty years ago. It's hard to get more than token amounts of vegetables into Dave. One trick I use is meatloaf with chopped vegetables instead of bread; it helps that he prefers bread-free meatloaf.

Breakfast is pretty much what we ate when we were younger.

For refueling during bike rides, I prefer fast food to sit down and wait to be noticed places, but the last two times I went to Leesburg, I ate at Stacy's Sports bar. Meralgia: I'm pretty much aware of it all the time, but often only when I pay attention, and usually it's only a vague awareness that the hip isn't right. I've begun to notice it when walking, particularly on the second half of the trip back from church. (The church is about half a mile from our house.)