Dave and Joy Beeson

You might call 2010 a year of renewal -- we replaced our television, roof, refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, the nanny switch on the washing machine, one of my teeth, and the shower head. We're considering a new freezer, and the washer won't last much longer.

We also had a concrete parking pad poured in front of the shop. It's easier to park the Buick now -- I can feel the front wheels bump over the edge of the pad and know I've backed up far enough.

Dave got two new Web cams.

Some time during the year I gave up on mixed-case filespecs for the Beeson Banners and started letting PC-Write make them all upper case; that should make the Banners easier to hack into next year. (Pity Comcast won't create an index on the fly the way Earthlink did.) They will all be filed at http://davebeeson.home.comcast.net/~davebeeson/LETTERS/MONBAN11.TXT. Replace "MON" with the abbreviation for the month.

In January, we got around to blocking off the unused fireplace to keep the heat in the house. That made it much warmer by the television.

My scenery-muslin sheets finally started wearing out and I started making linen sheets to replace them.

I learned to put capers in my tartar sauce.